Little Sisters of the Poor

Caring for the Elderly - Inspired by our Faith

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In 235 Homes for the Aged in 31 countries, the Little Sisters repeat the founding gesture of Jeanne Jugan: that of receiving the aged in need, caring for them until death, loving htem, and serving them in an evangelical atmosphere mindful of authentic respect for life. Each Little Sister draws from her life of prayer the desire to live the spirit of the Beatitudes in humility, simplicity and confidence in God.

Two Little SIsters of the Poor

The joyous service of the elderly, sealed by a fourth vow of hospitality, is accomplished together in united, international communities.

       You’re a student .....
                You’ve got a career....
                          Yet there is something missing in your life!
                                    Why not walk in the light of a new reality....

Profession ceremony
La Tour Saint Joseph
In today’s world many people are frustrated in their search for the light ...
Open the door and let the light of Jesus come into your life ....
Why not explore the way in which you can live in the light of the Gospel message through prayer and service to the elderly?

For further information about discernment days, Gap opportunities and other events please contact:

Sr. Caroline
Little Sisters of the Poor
52 Plymouth Grove West
Manchester M13 0AR
Tel: 0161 273 4147

.....Or the Home nearest to you

Little Sisters caring for the elderly
Little Sisters of the Poor caring for the elderly on five continents throughout the world!